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Hebrews 10 Devotion

Faith, Hope, and Love This passage highlights Christ as the supreme sacrifice necessary to eternal life. Two observations: Chapter 10 is 39 verses long…this passage can be best understood taken in small chunks, day-by-day, w/o losing the perspective of God’s whole Word inspired throughout scripture.   The verses are split into two sections…10:1-18 AND 10:19-39. […]

Hebrews 9 Devotion

Hebrews 9 “Before and After” Everyone enjoys a good “Before and After” story. A quick glance through any T.V. guide listing finds a variety of “Before and After” shows ranging from weight loss, to re-vamping your wardrobe, redecorating one room or renovating an entire house. However, all those pale in comparison to the greatest ever […]

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